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Token Name Pingchain Token
Token Ticker PCX
Token Type ERC20 Utility Token
Token Creator BCE Fundamental Ltd.
Total Supply (Fixed) 100,000,000,000 PCX
Token Description Users can provide their Internet connection to check the availability of corporate websites and applications. In return, the company rewards the user with pingchain tokens.


With increasing complexity of application delivery chains it becomes harder for companies to maintain the performance of their services. Additionally the number of users increases exponentially which causes scalability issues for their applications as seen on the crypto currency exchange markets.

Traditionally it is challenging to monitor the performance of services for all users from all over the world which leads to downtimes.

Solution: Pingchain

Pingchain provides a platform to secure your application performance on the blockchain. We create a base to monitor every service from all over the world with theoretically unlimited number of nodes. Everybody can now ensure that the monitoring results and reports are trustworthy, independent and transparent, because the pingchain service runs on the blockchain.

Every device can participate in the network and gets rewarded by providing their bandwidth to the community. PingCoin (PCX) builds the foundation of the platform and is used as a commodity to run the network.

Reliable and Secure Platform
Decentralized Network
Fail Proof Monitoring
Worldwide Nodes Available

Amazing Features

PingCoin comes with a wide range of features

Application Uptime Monitoring

Check your service any time and from everywhere you want

Webpage Speed Check

Know the exact loading time of your website from everywhere in the world

Reliable Alerts

You will be immediately informed whenever your website is offline


Compare your performance with the network

API Integration

Create your own service on the blockchain with a wide range of APIs

Monetize your Bandwidth

Connect your device to the network and let the internet connection work for you

How it works?

The Pingchain hosts are the backbone of the network. They provide their bandwidth to the Pingchain agents and get rewarded with PCX in return. Every host needs to provide their geographical location and bandwidth costs, so the Pinchain network can automatically route the requests to the matching host depending on the specified configuration.

Pingchain Host:
Publishes geographical location and bandwidth cost
Connects to the network
Provides bandwidth for Pingchain agents
Gets rewarded with PCX for used bandwidth

Calculate rewards (forecast for Pingchain host running 24h/day):
Bandwidth: 20 Mbit/s
Daily Reward: +9 €
Monthly Reward: +270 €

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